Vanquished Characters

Main Characters of Vanquished


LIVIA has seen her fair share of crazy. Hailing from a mysterious, faraway place, Livia somehow finds herself in Boise, homeless, hungry, confused, and unable to find her way home. As a child, her mother told her magnificent stories of a long lost heroic father who she has been on the hunt for her whole life, without success. But now that she’s manifested her ability to open teleportation portals, who knows where the hunt could take her?


An upbeat, but neurotic, small-town librarian, curious ARIDA spends her days diving headfirst into research. After a traumatic event in her teen years, she found herself able to manipulate water into steamy clouds, illustrating moments from her favorite novels and imagination. Determined to understand where this mysterious power came from, Arida puts her research skills to work investigating psiots at a hospital in Idaho.


Born a slave of the Vine, servitude was all that ALARA knew. After the nomadic Visigoths of Loam settle in Nebraska, he is captured by an unknown party. Six months later, he awakens in California with an insatiable hunger and a giant silver arm with a red dot on the shoulder. Alara becomes a nomad, supporting himself on various farms with illegal work crews, never staying too long for fear of being caught with his strange arm.

Detective Thomas Cross

THOMAS CROSS is a downtrodden former detective for the Seattle police department. Known for helping Seattle’s troubled youth, Cross was well-respected by his fellow officers and the community at large. In the line of duty, he was shot in the spine, causing partial paralysis. Discharged, Cross is without purpose until he is offered a contract he can’t refuse: a mysterious organization has found that his DNA is a rare match needed for a top-secret program. Six months later, Cross awakens with full use of his legs and no explanation of where he is or what has happened. Enter GEIST, the ghostly Mister Hyde to Detective Cross’s Doctor Jekyll.

G. Rhea Eaves

Special Assistant U.S. Attorney RHEA EAVES has a secret: she’s part of an underground LA fight club. Nursing a deep, unquenchable thirst for violence and bloodshed, Eaves feels no physical pain following a six month disappearance. She keeps to herself, finding other people’s emotions bleeding into her own. But maybe she can turn them back. Her French Bulldog, PETUNIA, is always glued to her side, and Eaves is quick to snap at anyone attempting to separate them.


GLICH, or Glinda Chambers, is a PRS agent and powerful technomancer. She was hired by team mentor Galushi to help the would-be heroes infiltrate The Facility and extract a kidnapped team member. GliCh suffers no fools, and her efficiency and blunt exterior camouflage an excitable nerd.

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