Vanquished Art Contest

Announcing the Valiant VANQUISHED Fan Art Contest! From now until August 13, 2017 send us your Valiant VANQUISHED Season 2 fan art. Winners will be featured in an upcoming comic book published by Valiant Comics. 

The rules are simple! Create an original piece of fan art inspired by the current season of Valiant VANQUISHED (Season 2)

Valiant VANQUISHED is a Hyper RPG show that broadcasts live from Los Angeles every Wednesday night from 9PM-Mightnight PDT at

Watch the show live or catch up on past episodes on Youtube to get inspired for the contest!

Get creative! Feel free to create your images with digital or traditional media or even a blend of both. There are no size or dimension requirements, but winners will have to provide high res versions of their submissions for publication. Once you're ready to share your masterpiece with us and submit to the contest, you can post your image to Twitter tagging @Hyper_RPG and @ValiantComics with #Vanquished, or post to Facebook or Instagram tagging @HyperRPG and @ValiantComics using #Vanquished.  If you are not on social media, email your entry to

There is no limit to how many entries that can be submitted. Please stick to PG-13 rated content, but outside of that, the sky is the limit. You can depict battles from the show, individual characters, cool side characters, group poses, portraits, or anything else that your heart desires as long as it ties into this season of the show! 

The contest is open worldwide, but you have to Tweet, post, or email your submission to us by August 13, 2017 11:59PM Pacific—no exceptions! Entries will be judged by (and may be used in promotional material related to) Hyper RPG and Valiant Vanquished.

Main Protagonists

Character reference sketches by Amanda Lien

Character Descriptions

Jay Goldston:

Played by Jonny Cruz (Lucio in Overwatch)

When Jay was young, he was a bright kid and very artistic. He vied for approval from his doctor parents. He wasn't the studious type; more of a procrastinator with the ability to cruise by. He was always open-minded and although he was very superficial, he was a kind-hearted young man who wanted people to feel GOOD VIBES.  He now deeply wants the approval and love of everyone he meets but goes about it in all the wrong ways. He wants to be cool and chill, but deep down he's terrified of being alone. Despite his aloof attitude, there's an unawakened intuition that seems to spark only when in dire situations.

He has very light brown skin, almond shaped eyes, dyed blonde hair, and sports a jacket-no-shirt combo with skinny jeans and sneakers.  Incredible abs (Jonny's words). He wears a red bracelet given to him by a Buddhist monk. He also has multiple turquoise bracelets on each arm.

Jay has the ability to manipulate chemical balances in other's bodies. He emits a green mist (sometimes unwillingly) that affects those who inhale the substance. He's been known to increase people's adrenaline levels, advance terminal illnesses, cause people to fall asleep, fall in love, etc.  So far, his power limits haven't been reached, and many have died by his hands... accidentally, of course.

Memorable moments:
Jay used his powers to make a police officer fall in love with Jay, causing the police officer to leave his family and ride into battle for Jay.

Jay reached deep to control his powers in training. He lied to the group, saying that to inspire himself he imagines topless mermaids that need his help. In reality, Jay sees his father and wishes they could make amends.

Noa Castillo:

Played by Dani Fernandez

Noa is an only child who was raised primarily by the strong women in her family. She is a descendant of brujas—witches. Growing up, she moved from place to place. Accordingly, she learned to avoid getting too attached to people. Castillo means "castle." She is a fortress of secrets, but like any stronghold, she has weaknesses.

Noa looks mischievous—after all, she is a spy for Alexander Solomon. She's a world traveler who doesn't trust most people. She has a small single pearl necklace that was her mother's, a vial of poison, and a notebook that she keeps very close to her. She has light brown skin and long dark hair.

Noa has the ability to invade the minds of others, seeing what they see or think in that moment. She was used as an interrogation tool for Solomon, gaining his trust (or so she thinks) so she can be one of the key players in his plan for Psiots. Lately, Noa has been pushing herself and her powers to new heights. Recently, she was able to push suggestions into other's minds.

Memorable moments:
Dike used Noa to shield himself from a fire ball blast that singed her eyebrows off.

Noa was a part of the facility that kidnapped the other Psiots in the group. Upon activating their powers, she chose to leave the facility behind and help them find their way.

Noa often unwillingly happens upon the thoughts of others in the group. Many times this leads to secrets being revealed that were never meant to be shared.






Dike (Dee-Kay) Unaka:

Played by Ify Nwadiwe

Dike is a young overachiever who is obsessed with being the best human he can be. A star student and athlete, he had his pick of the litter when choosing a college. Lately, he lives in America with his uncle, but he spent summers in Lagos, Nigeria with his parents. When Dike learned about Toyo Harada taking over the Somali coast, he made a trip to east Africa hoping to join his ranks and "evolve." When he was turned away, his pride was heavily bruised. "No" isn't a word he hears often. While he's been focusing on his studies and acing his way through college, being turned away has continued to haunt him. Many people believe Dike wears suits because he's an overachiever, but even he hasn't figured out that he's trying to be more like Toyo. When Dike found out about this meet up to activate latent Psiots through the dark web, he got excited. His bruised pride and need for acceptance had slowly begun its turn into rage and vengeance as he had taken it upon himself to rid the world of Toyo Harada. He believed that if he was able to activate himself he would have the power to make Harada not only notice him but fear him.

Dike has the ability to increase or decrease his density at a molecular level. At his lightest density he can float, (not quite flying). At his heaviest density he is nearly unbreakable, but the strain his weight puts on the world around him often makes it difficult for him to move freely.

Memorable moments:
Dike convinced a security guard that he and the others were a Jamaican rap group ready to take the stage to avoid detection when breaking into a casino. Not one to shy away from a challenge, he took the mic and that is where "Da Powah Group" was born.

Dike, thought to be removed from battle after improperly gauging his weight, floated high into the sky only to reverse his density and crush their most deadly foe, Headless VII.


Karen Lemon:

Played by Danielle Radford:

As a child, Karen was a shy girl who found escape through comic books. Sick of being bullied, she pretends to be over-confident to keep everyone at bay. Her motto? "Fake it till you make it." As an adult, she will use her fast wit and sharp tongue to take down anyone who threatens to break that veneer. She'll never show it, but she looks to outside approval for validation rather than trusting herself. She is hoping to find that validation by being activated as a Psiot and becoming a real life super hero.

Karen is tall with brown skin and big curly hair. She's chubby and sports big glasses.  She lways wears a dress or a skirt with tennis shoes and a green hoodie.


Karen has the ability to conjure drawings from her sketchbook as living beings, albeit very deranged ones. Each of her drawings seems to represent a repressed aspect of her personality. So far, she has recurring drawings; Stick Em the knife, Wallie the wall, Pew Pew the sniper rifle, and Gassie the gas can. Each one of them has their own distinct abilities and personality.

Memorable moments:
Birds gotta fly, Stick Em gotta stick.

Karen somehow gets hit quite often by Jay's doses of melatonin, causing her to sleep on the job regularly.

While saving an out of control Psiot from a burning building, Karen inhaled a substance known as WCH causing her to hulk out and destroy the Psiot and the entire house before going into cardiac arrest.

She's not superman.


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Extra Info:

Books from Valiant that tie into the show: Harbinger, Harbinger Omegas, Imperium, Harbinger Renegade, Generation Zero, Faith, Secret Weapons.

Main Antagonist: Alexander Solomon, Omen (First seen at end of Blooshot U.S.A.), H.A.R.D. Corps