The Out Crowd Characters

Meet the Characters of the Out Crowd

Ashley Blair

Cursed with a normal name and life, Ashley Blair insists on being referred to as “Ash” — she feels it more accurately represents her complex and intuitive nature (as well as the color of her wardrobe). Ash is a student at the local community college, reading tarot cards and counting her days until she can escape Springfield, the most boring and normal town in the world. Or so she thinks, but Springfield and Ash’s life is about to become a lot more interesting as she discovers that she is actually a witch. Unbeknownst to her, Ash’s late-grandmother was a very powerful and active witch, a lifestyle that Ash’s mother refused to pick-up and has tried protecting her from. Ash will need to discover what real magic means for her and her new friends’ lives in their not-so-sleepy town.

Reggie Reichman

Reggie Reichman is the affable stoner who works at the local comic shop. He's been taking classes on and off at Springfield Community College since he graduated from high school. He's been told he's been wasting his potential his whole life, but only when he met The Out Crowd did he learn that he had the "potential" to turn into a red-scaled and horned monster!

Zeke Bradley

Everybody know the cool cat named Zeke. If you ever need the hottest mix cassette, or a VHS of the newest movie, he's your guy. And despite not officially going to Springfield Community College, he's always seems to be there at just the right time to hang with whoever needs it. Still, come to think of it, no one really knows all that much about him or his uncanny ability to be anywhere in town always at just the right time...

Roxy Roberts

Roxanne Roberts aka Roxy is a 21 year old part-time Community College student and part time Jazzercise instructor.  She is high energy, obnoxiously positive, and dances at every opportunity.  Her little sister Alex is her best friend in the small town of Springfield and also one of the only things that can get on her nerves (other than meanies).  Roxy's background as a State School cheerleader means she's extremely agile and prone to use her tumbling skills and high kicks when the going gets tough.  However, her favorite tools are kept hidden in her fancy fanny-pack!

Mindy Benton

Mindy Benton is an adjunct Chemistry professor at the community college in Springfield, and a relatively recent addition to the faculty. Though young and brilliant, she is best known for her eccentricity and the various "incidents" she's caused in the lab, often involving students. There was that time she turned one of them purple, or the kid who got encased in a glob of sturdy but breathable polymer. Luckily there hasn't been any permanent damage! Mostly. Though her colleagues by and large chalk each incident up to Chemistry Gone Wrong, the kinds of things Mindy has been able to achieve with her concoctions occasionally seem scientifically impossible. It seems there is more to this Professor than meets the eye.. Which is saying a lot, given just how much actually does meet the eye.

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