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Hyper RPG is a place for friends on and offline to share common interests and create stories together.

The #Thumper community is the backbone of Hyper RPG. As a subscriber to Hyper RPG and member of the #Thumper community, you'll be a key supporter of this community and the content we create together.

Subscribing to Hyper RPG also comes with a slew of other perks.



Discord Server

All Hyper RPG subscribers have access to our "sub only" Discord server.  Chat, find friends to play games with, and connect more with the #Thumper community.  Just make sure to link your Twitch account to your Discord account.

VOD Access

Subscribers have access to our VODs (Video On Demand) through Twitch.  Want to catch up on old episodes right after they air?

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Moar Giveaways!

Hyper RPG loves to give away games, nerdy gear, swag, and more.  Get access to more of our giveaways by becoming a subscriber.

$5 off Teespring Campaigns

Through our friends at Teespring, we are able to offer short-run T-shirt and hoodie campaigns.

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