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The Shadowrun Megacorporations

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Ares Macrotechnology

Making the World a Safer Place

Detroit-based conglomerate of arms (Ares Arms, the original company), automobile (General Motors), and space (AresSpace, the former NASA) industries. Ares also owns Knight Errant Security, andApple Computer, amongst its numerous divisions. The first U.S-based megacorp—currently led by Damien Knight—also trumps up its “mom and apple pie” image, fostering strong brand image within the United Canadian and American States (UCAS).


The Way to a Better Tomorrow

A corporation from Aztlan (formerly Mexico, recreated in Aztec image) heavily involved in consumer goods, chemistry and magic. The least-liked megacorp in the shadows, due to its nasty secret projects.

Evo (formerly Yamatetsu)

Evo is Acceptance

A corp based in Vladivostok, Russia, that focuses on nano- and bio-technology, genetics research and other transhumanist technologies, and “metahuman factors engineering” (products made specifically for metas). The first corp to become transplanetary after establishing a Mars base.


We Know What You Think

A Los Angeles (Annexed by the Pueblo Corporate Council in 2061) - based media corporation new to the AAA scene in the 2060s that used the second Matrix crash to make its move. Horizon is a media and PR corporation that lists Tir Tairngire among its clients. While they are primarily invested in media and entertainment they are also strong in consumer goods, real estate, and pharmaceuticals.

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

The Future is Mitsuhama

started as money laundering operation for the Yakuza but soon surpassed their investors' income by a very large margin. Focuses largely on robotics, heavy machinery, magical goods, and computers.


Tomorrow Runs on NeoNET

Created from Novatech’s merger with Transys Neuronet and Erika, pioneers of the new wireless Matrix, to form this powerhouse in the Matrix sector, but with diversified holdings in many other sectors.

Renraku Computer Systems

Today's Solutions to Tomorrow's Problems

Mainly computer and arms-producing giant from Japan. Slowly rebuilding from both the Seattle Arcology debacle and the second Matrix crash.


One Step Ahead

The world's largest corp. a German conglomerate based on the production of steel, heavy-industrial goods, cars (BMW), arms and communication in Europe. Its majority shareholder and chairman is Lofwyr, a Great Dragon, who bought the company stocks from hoarded resources.

Shiawase Corporation

Advancing Life

An old business founded by the Shiawase family (幸 or 倖), which survived the turmoils of the early 21st century unscathed, quickly able to expand in energy production, biotech and environmental procedures. First to fight for and be granted megacorporate sovereignty (later called extraterritoriality): exemption of law on foreign soil.


We're behind everything that you do.

a Hong Kong-based company that joined the AAA-corps primarily due to money from Dunkelzahn’s will, heavily focused on shipping and finance, and recently chipping into the magical-goods market.

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