Shadowrun Characters

Shadowrun Corporate SINs

Main Characters

Magnuson Cromwell

Magnuson Cromwell is MMFEC's Butler / Unarmed Adept. He is large, even for a troll, speaks in an obviously fake British accent, wears a formal suit, and styles himself as Elsie Blackwood's Butler.

He lives under the Aurora Bridge with his pet, Barnaby.

Elsie Blackwood

Elsie Blackwood is the 15 year old human face of MMFEC. When not spying or negotiating for MMFEC, Elsie can be found providing backup with her sniper rifle or driving the getaway van. When the going gets really tough, she pulls out her rocket launcher, which she has named Rocky.


Ma1nfram3 is an up and coming Elven decker who values professionalism and empathy in the shadows - to a point. Prior to her time with MMFEC, Ma1n's Shadowrunning history was largely solo hires and standard identity hacks (fake SINs for the SINless, fake licenses, and the like), along with a few targeted corporate infiltrations she does not discuss.

Fang Glasgow

Fang is a female Ork that puts the "F" in MMFEC. Known for her naive charm, Fang is a flashy Street Samurai with visible cybernetic enhancements in her eyes and ears. She has obviously received combat training and is always willing to utilize that training to protect her team and her new family.

Mordecai Schultz

Just over a meter tall with wild auburn hair and unkempt braids in his beard, this weathered Dwarven Magician is easily overlooked. His best days may be behind him but he fights on with his blend of support and attack magics and the aid of powerful shamanic spirits. Cynical and anxious from years of shadowrunning without much success, his temper masks a secret affection for his younger comrades.

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