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Lauren Bond


When not running the shadows, Lauren can be found cosplaying at conventions, crafting, teaching middle schoolers, improvising and being an all around nerd. With a broad set of fandoms Lauren is somewhat hooked on conventions, and has cosplayed a diverse range of characters from Disney Princesses to Commander Shepard. She has performed in a number of nerdy (and non-nerdy) improv shows, and has played tabletop RPGs for many years. Lauren is incredibly excited to combine her many passions with Hyper RPG! @RandomTuesday

Tony Beeman


Tony is a founding member of NERDProv, Seattle's geekiest improv group, as well as a regular performer and director for Seattle Experiemental Theater and Unexpected Productions / Seattle Theatresports, which he serves as Associate Artistic Director. By day, Tony is a software developer, and dabbles in illustration and photography. The sorting hat put him in Ravenclaw, but he loves Hufflepuffs best of all. He is an INFP. @lbeefus

Jeannine Clarke


Jeannine is an actor, director, producer and costume designer in the Seattle area. She is an ensemble member of NERDprov, Seattle TheatreSports and Twisted Flicks. In 2011 she started Seattle Experimental Theater, and directs the improvised Star Trek show "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and "The Doctor: Improvised Doctor Who". During the day she works in fundraising for a non-profit theatre. Jeannine is thrilled to be working with Hyper RPG and is having a ball with Shadowrun: Corporate SINs. @admiralasthma

Claudia Jacob


Claudia likes fiction.  She absorbs it through her main three mediums: Anime, books, and video games.  When Claudia is not caught up in her latest obsession she can be found teaching mathematics to high school students, playing games with her comrades, or preparing for her next cosplay.  Claudia is excited to by playing Shadowrun with Hyper RPG because it combines two of her favorite things: stories and games! @jakidash

Cheryl Platz


Cheryl has been a professional nerd for many years, both on and offstage. As a performer with NERDprov, Unexpected Productions, and Seattle Experimental Theater, Cheryl has played everything from Nurse Chapel to Scooby Doo's Daphne onstage. She's also shipped many games as a producer, and now designs speech software that's getting us closer to the Star Trek bridge. @muppetaphrodite

Dan Posluns


Dan Posluns is a transplant from Canada, and develops video games for a living. When not writing code he is an improviser with Unexpected Productions and NERDprov, and also performs in musicals despite a profound lack of singing or dancing capability. He looks forward to playing Mordecai the Dwarven Magician in Hyper RPG's campaign of Shadowrun: Corporate SINs! @danposluns

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