Rat Queens Live at gen con 2019 (To be confirmed)

The Rat Queens are coming to Gen Con this year! Our official Rat Queens tabletop RPG show presents an evening of hilarity, heartbreak, sass, and sorcery led by GM Emily Rose Jacobson with scenes & NPCs influenced and created by YOU the audience. 

The cast of Rat Queens includes Jessica Lynn Verdi as Hannah, the team’s leader and belligerent elven mage, Laurie Jones as Violet, the dwarven fighter with a distaste for tradition and beards, Aliza Pearl as Dee, a former cultist who’s fallen out of love with her gods, and Michelle Nguyen Bradley as Betty, an overly friendly halfling whose fuel includes candy, drugs, and booze and Riley Silverman as Braga, a transgender orc who eschews the barbaric ways of her kind.

Rat Queens is a weekly live play show, on Hyper Rabbit Power produced in conjunction with original Rat Queens comic creator Kurtis Wiebe. This modern spin on an old school genre is a violent monster-killing epic unlike anything you've ever read in your grandaddy's fantasy books. Tune in every Wednesday at 7pm (pt) to twitch.tv/hyperrpg to watch each episode LIVE!


Press Kit: http://www.hyperrabbitpowergo.com/ratqueensrpg_pr/


Catch up on previous episodes on our YouTube playlist below!