Our Sister Company

Harebrained Schemes

Hyper RPG is the sister company to Harebrained Schemes. This means we get to do kick-ass shows with HBS properties such as Shadowrun and Battletech. Check out their games at harebrained-schemes.com.

Penny Arcade

Hyper RPG is proud to announce our partnership with Penny Arcade and the inclusion of Aquisitions Incorporated! Our shows The Out Crowd, Shadowrun: Corporate SINs and Death From Above are broadcast LIVE from Penny Arcade!

Hyper RPG delivers high production live shows with Black Magic Cameras designed specifically for livestreaming. Learn more at blackmagicdesign.com

Valiant supports Vanquished and inspires the universe for the show. Check out their super hero universe at valiantuniverse.com.

Paizo supports The Gauntlet with set decoration, giveaway prizes, and Pathfinder, of course.  paizo.com

Hyper RPG uses Gameshow to elevate the look of our daily livestreams.  gameshow.net

Discord is an integral part of the Hyper RPG community and experience.  discordapp.com

Syrinscape sets the sonic mood for many of our story-driven shows.  syrinscape.com

Dwarven Forge provided the highly detailed dungeon where we slay adventurers weekly on The Gauntlet.  dwarvenforge.com

The Vanquished and Shadowrun Corporate SINs GMs and cast make their rolls for better or worse in these exquisitely crafted dice trays.  wyrmwoodgaming.com

Elderwood spellbooks power our cast dice rolls on Death from Above.  elderwoodacademy.com