Lego Batman Blu-Ray Review

June 17, 2017. by

In the world of streaming and downloadable media, some of us here at Hyper still enjoy getting BluRays. Be it for their special features or different cuts, picture quality and just nice packaging. We want to tell you, if some of the newest releases are worth picking up.


THE FILM: Lego Batman.




Our team of Adam, Agustin and Hector already reviewed it!  Check that out here:



Good. not great. It had some 3rd act issues, but it was generally fun with a lot of laughs.


It’s a modern cartoon from a major studio, so it looks great. They’d really have to mess up for this to look bad on a nice TV.



The main reasons we here LOVE and support physical media are the special features and the picture quality.

Even bad movies often come with some AMAZING special features that make the disc worth purchasing.


Just like the film as a whole, good but not great.

We have:

  • Some short “making of” featurettes (which recycle some material) lasting no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Four deleted scenes.
  • A look at some short film contest winners in a promotion before the films release (Will Arnett introduces these).
  • A commentary track from the director and crew.
  • Four new shorts made for this release featuring the film’s voice cast (except, glaringly, Ralph Fiennes as Alfred. Why he’s the only one, I don’t know, and it’s very clearly NOT him).

None of these features are bad. But for a film that was such a big hit featuring such a beloved character,

I do wish there was a little more. This release feels thin, especially compared to The Lego Movie release.


My favorite special feature was the deleted scene section because the scenes were very funny and actually showed different progression of the film.

Some of the scenes were still in storyboard form or barely finished computer generation. If you’re a fan of animation, this holds some interest.

The “making of” was fine but scarce. The new exclusive shorts didn’t do much for me but, admittedly, humor is subjective (keep in mind, I did find the film funny).

The commentary track, though interesting, features so many people that it feels a bit all over the place. The fact that the actors, many of whom are great improvisers, are not a part of the commentary was disappointing.

The contest material was very sweet, but I don’t imagine wanting to watch it more than once after you’ve seen it.31795593c12e0c1d1b


Though a good film, this ends up feeling like a standard modern day kids’ movie BluRay release. Unless you’re a huge fan of the film, just grab this on discount or when there’s an iTunes sale.

There could have been a lot more. And this is a good movie, but we want to look at the whole package. The special features just aren’t doing it. It feels like something you’d throw on for kids that you’re babysitting; not so much an interesting look at an intricate movie that a film fan typically wants from physical media’s special features.

There are a few things here and there, but it’s hard to justify dropping $30 on the disc for such scarce feature.  

BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK? Did you grab this disc? Do you disagree with my take? What are some special features that WOULD have made you purchase this disc? Let me know on twitter @Jurassicalien and be sure to tag @Hyper_RPG