KOllOK 1991 at Gen Con (To Be Confirmed)


Welcome passengers to the small town of KOllOK, Washington. The year is 1991. 

Join gamemaster Zac Eubank on a journey to the small town of KOllOK in the year 1991. As members of the live audience you are invited to role play the town members of KOllOK and add to rumors and mysteries the players uncover. 

The cast of KOllOK 1991 includes game master Zac Eubank who has produced some of the top tabletop RPG liveplays on Twitch including Critical Role, Aquisitions Incorporated the "C" Team, Power Rangers HyperForce and more. Players include YouTube stars Meghan Camerena "Strawburr17" Andre "Black Nerd" Meadows, Shelby Grace "Shubble" and Lucas Eubank.

KOllOK 1991 is a weekly live play show, produced by Hyper Rabbit Power Go and broadcast live every Monday at 6pm PT on twitch.tv/hyperrpg

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