Hyper GM Meet and Play at Gen Con 2019

(To Be Confirmed)

The GMs at Hyper Rabbit Power Go want a chance ttrpg with you. Join us and play Star Wars Edge of the Empire, Rat Queens Dungeon World, Kids on Bikes, Call of Cthulu and Power Rangers HyperForce.


Join your fellow Thumpers new and old and sit down for an 1.5 hour long session with your favorite GM. Tabletop RPGs to play include:


- Star Wars Edge of the Empire - GM Bert Jennings
- Rat Queens - Dungeon World - GM Emily Rose Jacobson
- Kids on Bikes - GM Zac Eubank
- Call of Chtulu - GM Joe Starr
- Power Ranger HyperForce - GM Malika Lim


We're offering two sessions (A & B) to allow the possibility of playing with more than 1 of our GMs. Game Master availability is first come first served. We will try our best to match you with the GMs of your choice though know that all our game masters are fabulous and a blast to role play with.