Grim Dark Dawn Warhammer 40,000 Live Play Gen Con 2019 (to be confirmed)


Welcome to the Grim Dark Dawn the unique Warhammer 40,000 liveplay that invites audience members to team up and support their army in the fight to claim a new world. 


Lead by gamemaster Brandon Winfrey (Machinima, Insomniac Games, Inside Gaming) and featuring some of the most popular personalities in miniature wargaming (to be confirmed) this unique Warhammer 40,000 liveplay blends traditional gameplay with rich narrative and exciting character role playing. The audience can affect the outcome of the game by sending reinforcements, resources and even unfortunate weather to the battlefield.


Grim Dark Dawn is a weekly live play show, produced by Hyper Rabbit Power Go broadcasting every Thursday at 7pm (pt) to


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