(Get Your Comics) On the Floor

August 3, 2017. by

To those who say Comic-Con isn’t about comics anymore, we say…sure it is! And we made this music video to drive that point home. 

If you didn’t catch our new original music video “Get Your Comics (On the Floor)” featuring Abby Trott, Chris Bramante and Matt Acevedo, check it out on our YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXMyz79bRpI

Here’s what the Internet had to say about it: 

“Addictive…a catchy salute…’Get Your Comics (On the Floor)’ delivers a strong message to those who have become too enamored of the cinema and TV marketing machines swallowing most of the attention.” -SyFy


” ‘Comics on the Floor’ from the team at Hyper RPG is tons of fun! We loved seeing all the different things they chronicled at #SDCC2017!” -Comic-Con International 

“It’s insanely catchy, almost frustratingly so.” -io9 


“The video is…a fun reminder of the often underpaid creators who give us the characters and storylines that we love.” -The Mary Sue