DFA Cast

D.F.A Cast

Want to know a little more about the people who portray your favorite mech pilots?

Tyler Carpenter


Tyler Carpenter is running Death From Above, ensuring that the intrepid band of hapless mercenaries stay hungry for victory (and spare parts). When he’s not running BattleTech, he’s a game designer and writer with Harebrained Schemes, as well as the studio's walking BattleTech and Shadowrun encyclopedia. @adarael

Mitch Gitelman

 Lord Commander Mason Garrilac

Mitch Gitelman is an intense little man who loves making games, loves running his studio, and loves interacting with other geeks. He's the Co-founder and Studio Manager of Harebrained Schemes and is a 20 year veteran of game development, starting in paper-and-pencil RPGs. Of everything he's done in his long career, Mitch is proudest of his work on the Shadowrun series' writing team. But not for long. He's started work on his sixth BattleTech video game, and is excited for a chance to be a part of Death From Above. @mitchgit

Steph Cheung

Natalya "Valravn" Matsu

Meet Steph Cheung, Crow Shaman and monster enthusiast. She’s a journeyman RPer found by Tyler, found in a college far, far away. @sourfruitjunkie

Strix Beltrán

Leah "Coryphee" Adnan

Strix Beltrán is a role-playing game enthusiast, designer, and academic. She likes to wear elf ears whenever she can get away with it. She's the host of Weekly Affirmations, a show dedicated to indie and freeform analogue games and plays Coryphee on Death From Above.  @the_strix

Connor Monahan

Cameron "Talon" Coyne

Cleans up others’ design messes at Harebrained Schemes. Painfully extroverted. Nervously awaiting death by PPC. @captkerberos


Edwin "Jackal" Jones

is a partnered Twitch variety caster, professional yeller, host of DO BETTER, and MechWarrior on Death From Above. @goobers515



Doer of Things. Drawer of Stuff. Ancient Astronaut Theorist. Twitch Partner. Host of Watching Paint Dry, repairer and destroyer of ‘Mechs as Mechecutioner on Death From Above @Viking_Lass

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