D.F.A. Renegades Cast


D.F.A. Renegades Ft. Zombie Orpheus

Hyper RPG is excited to bring Thumpers this D.F.A Mini series titled "D.F.A. Renegades" with performers from Zombie Orpheus.

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment is a multimedia production company dedicated to developing and producing original, scripted content for web distribution with the mission to thrill fans of fantasy, science fiction, and horror with tales of high adventure, low comedy, and surprising twists and turns.

Chris Ode


Chris Ode is a long-time actor/writer/producer within the world of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment & Dead Gentlemen Productions (creators of "The Gamers," "JourneyQuest," and other assorted properties).  Though more familiar with D&D-style RPGs, he's intrigued by the world of BattleTech and its vast storyline.  Anticipate him making frequent use of his background in improvisational comedy and unscripted filmmaking as he navigates the role of GM for "Death from Above: Renegades. @nw_ode

Lisa Coronado


Amelia “Smalls” Woods is a 30 year old mercenary. After her parents were brutally executed by the Emperor for selling info to the Usurpers, 6 year old Smalls was placed in the care of Cotton, a Mech Warrior and constant bachelor. Cotton meticulously trained Smalls in the art of battle. While she is masterfully skilled in simulation she has zero experience in real life battle. She's dying to see some action and hopefully take down the Empire. @lisacoronado

Sarah Sanders-Ode


Steve Wolbrecht


Steve Wolbrecht is a co-founder of Dead Gentlemen Productions (The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, Demon Hunters) and he continues his involvement as the Lead Composer for DG and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (JourneyQuest, Gamers:  The Series). When not scoring film, Steve can be found performing on stage with Hat Trick Pony Improv. @scorehamster

Christian Doyle

Jack Rabbit

Christian Doyle is an actor and writer, known for JourneyQuest (2010), The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (2008) and The Gamers: Hands of Fate (2013). @crashjaxun 

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