Crew Profiles

Meet the Team

The crew that keeps the Yojimbo flying and Thumper hearts beating.

Zac Eubank

Founder & CEO

Chief Executive Overlord of Hyper RPG, comic book lover, nerd, dumb dumb. Previous Overlord at Geek and Sundry Twitch. @arentweclever

Emily Gitelman

Community Manager

Likes long walks through the forest and getting shit done. Dedicated to inclusive digital spaces and the care and keeping of Thumpers.  @emilygitelman

Ryan Schapals

Programming Manager Seattle

Ryan is a recent Seattle transplant from Chicago. He’s written fiction for Harebrained Schemes, Calliope Games, and is currently teaming up with Open Legend RPG. You can find him jumping out from behind couches, dancing poorly, and passing sticky notes at almost all times when Hyper RPG is live. @RyanSchapals

Lucas Eubank

Executive Producer Los Angeles

Writer. Filmmaker. Twitcher. @lucaseuspank

Mark Fehrenbacher

Tech Director for Shadowrun Corp SINs, Aquisitions Incorporated and Death from Above.

Kaiju Big Battle

Studio Mascot

When Kaiju Big Battle is not busy destroying things he's busy collecting belly rubs from Hyper RPG cast and crew. He's also been immortalized as a Hyper RPG sub only emote. Become a regular watcher of the channel and you're sure to catch one of his appearances!

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