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Your favorite cinema geeks discuss the latest in movie news, trends and more.

Meet the Cineverse!

Adam Hlavac

Host and Producer of #SuperheroNews on YouTube and #Cineverse on Hyper RPG. @adamhlavac

Agustin Rios

Awesome nerd. VFX artist. Cyclist. Host of #SuperheroNews & #Cineverse on Hyper RPG @El_SantoTaco

Erika Ishii

On-camera & VO Actor | Geek and Sundry Twitch host, @sjnews host | Tiny geeky ball of high-octane energy! | @SamuraiErika

Hector Navarro

Host of the Nick Animation Podcast! Member of Superhero News on YT! Regular on Geek & Sundry's Twitch! Sometimes guest on Screen Junkies! Overall happy dude! @hectornavarro

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